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Having organized notebooks can do wonders for your study sessions. The Tutoring Center, Houston TX (Memorial) put together this post so you can find tips on how to organize your notebooks. 

How to Organize Your Notebooks

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Have a Notebook for Each Subject

For starters, you should realize that it can be incredibly difficult to keep your notes organized (or even to find them effectively when you're studying) if you write down the notes for all of your school subjects in one same notebook. To help you avoid confusion, it's recommended that you have a notebook and folder for each of your school subjects. Not only that, but you should try your best to keep up with this arrangement, so your notes don't get mixed up.

Label Them With Your Name, Subject, and Grade

No matter how effective your notes are and how organized you keep your notebook, it won't help you have successful study sessions if you end up losing it. For that reason, the next tip is to label your notebooks with your name, subject, and grade. This way, if you end up misplacing one of your notebooks, it will be far more likely that it'll be returned to you. Moreover, this can be an insurance that all of the effort you've put into your notes class after class won't be lost.

Write Down a Date and Title for Each Lesson

Students can waste a lot of time finding the right notes to study off of. This may mean that their study sessions aren't as effective as they could be. For that reason, it is a good idea to write down a date and a title for each of your lessons. Doing so will help you easily identify the lessons you should be focusing on during your study sessions, without getting mixed up or confused by the contents of your notebooks.

Keep Your Notes in Order

It will serve no purpose to have neatly organized notebooks if your notes are all over the place. After all, the whole point of having organized notebooks is to be able to study off of them. That's why, you should make an effort to have organized notes, too. To that end, you should remember to write in nice, legible penmanship that you don't have to spend time deciphering later on. Plus, write clear, concise, coherent, complete ideas. Once again, engaging in effective note-taking strategies will help you have organized notebooks.

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Have Clean Notebooks

Imagine trying to concentrate on learning a challenging subject, and not being able to because there are a bunch of doodles, stains, and dirt all over your notes. Even if your notes were super clear and effective, if they were surrounded by filth, you would still have a hard time learning. Needless to say, your notebooks and their cleanliness can also hold some weight in how your study sessions turn out. That's why you should avoid doodling or making too many mistakes. If drawing helps you focus, do it on a separate sheet of paper, so you won't disturb your notes.

Avoid Loose Papers

Loose papers are your enemy when it comes to keeping your notebooks organized. This is because they can make things messy and confusing. Not to mention, you can misplace them more easily. Still, as a student, you can expect your fair share of loose papers (graded tests, instructions for upcoming projects, etc.). However, rather than inserting them in your notebooks, be sure to put them in your folder to keep them safe. On this same note, avoid ripping pages off of it.

Create an Index

Finally, if you truly want your notebooks to be as organized as possible, create an index for each one. After you've written down a title for each of your lessons, number all of the pages in your notebook. Then, at the back of the notebook, take note of what lesson is in which page. This will make it a lot easier for you to find the right lessons when you're trying to study.

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