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Strong reading comprehension skills are crucial, however, they can be challenging to develop. The Tutoring Center, Houston TX (Memorial) has tips to help your child become a better reader.

How to Help Your Child Develop Reading Comprehension Skills

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Encourage Your Child to Become an Avid Reader

The first tip is to encourage your child to become an avid reader. This is because, reading comprehension, like any other skill, is developed with practice. To cultivate the habit of reading in them, you can take your child to the library with regularity, read with them on a daily basis, talk to them about the reading material they're going over, and more. Becoming an avid reader will also bring your child other benefits, such as a wider vocabulary and improved communication skills.

Provide the Perfect Reading Environment

To actually understand what they're reading, your child should be able to focus on the text they're going over. However, that can be difficult to achieve if the environment they're reading in isn't right for it. To provide the perfect reading environment, ensure the place your child reads in is well-lit, comfortable enough, and is completely free of distractions, so they can focus all of their brain power on understanding the text.

Give Them a Few Learning Tools

As mentioned above, your child should read in a place that's conducive to concentration. Something else the reading environment should have is a few learning tools that will help them comprehend the text a bit better. For example, a dictionary can clear up any doubts your child has about vocabulary in the text they're reading. A highlighter or pen that they can use to emphasize important information can also make it easier for them to follow the reading material.

Enroll Your Child in Tutoring in Houston TX (Memorial)

When you think about it, becoming a good reader can be challenging, since there are myriad different skills and abilities that need to come into play at the same time. That's why enrolling your child in one-to-one tutoring can be a good idea. Tutoring will give your child the time, attention, support, and guidance to work on and sharpen all of the skills necessary to become a successful reader; all in a comfortable, positive environment.

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Write Down Notes About the Material

In some cases, the inability to understand the reading material is linked to a lack of attention. To fix this issue in your child, you should encourage them to write down notes (on the main characters, the plot points, and more) as they are reading. This will force them to put their full attention on the text. Not only that but taking notes will allow them to arrange the information they've been getting from the reading material, which will help them improve their comprehension of it.

Offer Some Context

To understand a book or another type of reading material, you need to have certain references, since most works make allusion to things, places, ideas, or other works that are supposed to be 'common knowledge'. That's why, to help your child understand a text better, you can offer some context. For example, if they're reading a story about dinosaurs, research them, their history, and other data that can help them with their reading comprehension.

Make Use of Reading Techniques

There are some reading techniques that your child can use as they are going over a text to ensure they improve their comprehension of it. For example, reading out loud can help tremendously, as your child won't be able to skip words, sentences, or paragraphs, which can be the culprit in the misinterpretation of a text. Another thing they can do is reread a sentence or paragraph until they understand what it is saying, so they don't drag their confusion around.

Discuss the Book

Finally, you should discuss the reading material with your child. Through your conversation, they will be able to formulate their ideas and interpretation of the text better. Not only that, but hearing your own thoughts and perspective about it, will give them a new panorama and understanding that they probably hadn't thought of before.

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