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Notes are essential to every student. To learn how you can improve your note-taking skills during this next school year, read this post by The Tutoring Center, Houston TX (Memorial).

How to Improve Your Note-Taking Skills for Your New School Year

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Keep Your Notes Clean and Organized

It can be incredibly hard to concentrate on all of the studying you have to do if all of your notes are in disarray or surrounded by doodles. For that reason, the first tip is to make an effort to have clean and organized notes. To that end, it is recommended that you have a notebook and a folder for each of your school subjects and that you use them accordingly (this way, you won't get them mixed up). Likewise, try not to doodle on your notes. If you feel doodling helps you focus, do it on the last pages of your notebook, so the scribbles won't become distractions when you should be learning.

Have Your Writing Tools Handy

One of the most challenging things about taking notes during class is keeping up with what the teacher is saying and not falling behind. That's why this next tip is meant to help you make your space more conducive to efficient note-taking. To that end, be sure to have all of your writing tools handy. Your pencil, eraser, pen, highlighter or other supplies, should be ready to be used at a moment's notice, so you don't waste time looking for them when the teacher is already going over the lesson.

Employ a Variety of Strategies to Be a Time-Efficient Writer

By keeping up with time management tips that will keep you from falling behind in class, you can employ a few different strategies to save you some time. For example, you can make use of common abbreviations, so you can write down your notes a lot quicker. Another tip to keep in mind is that you can focus on writing the main ideas, instead of noting every single word the teacher utters. Following this can help you save time as you write, as well as have easier and more effective notes for your study sessions.

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Write in Legible Penmanship and Coherent Sentences

As stated above, it is necessary that you write down your notes quickly. However, don't take this to mean that you can be sloppy with them just because you're in a rush. Having notes that are pure nonsense won't do you any good and may even derail your study efforts. To make sure you won't be wasting time deciphering what you wrote down when you should be studying, employ legible penmanship and formulate coherent sentences when you're taking notes. This way, your notes will be easier to understand, and a more effective study aid.

Emphasize the Most Important Information

One thing to consider is that it can be hard to find the most important information if you have pages upon pages of notes to look through. As you know, not all notes are created equal: some are more valuable than others, and you need to be able to spot them promptly when you're in a study session. To that end, it is recommended that you employ a method to help those notes stand out. For example, a highlighter, colored pens, or sticky notes can be ideal to emphasize any names, definitions, dates, formulas, or other similar information that you may need to pay more attention to.

Go Over Your Notes at the End

When you're done taking notes, it is in good measure to re-read what you wrote down to guarantee that it all makes sense. Be sure to always follow this tip, so you can notice if there's something that you didn't understand, or if there's some information missing. If your notes aren't clear, ask a peer for theirs to compare, or ask your teacher to explain again. This way, you'll be able to complete your notes successfully, which will ensure that they will be helpful when the time to study rolls around.

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