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Taking an active interest in your child’s homework assignments can boost your child’s academic potential. If you’re wondering how you can help them out and become more involved, here are some tips.

Why Children Need Homework

You’ll probably hear your child constantly complaining about having to do homework. It’s natural. Who wants to go home after a long day at school only to do more work? You should explain to your child that homework is meant to reinforce, process, and solidify new concepts as well as provide extra practice and measure how much they’ve learned. The complaints will probably not stop, but at least your child will know that there is a point to doing homework. What can you do as a parent to help your child complete their assignments? Here are some tips on how you can provide the right homework help for your youngster.

Start With a Routine

Routines are of extreme importance to a child’s development. They help create structure and predictability. It’s good for children to know what to expect. Having a homework routine will help them mentally and physically prepare for what they're supposed to do. However, you shouldn’t just impose a routine on them. Let your child have a say. Your child can decide when, where, and how they will complete their assignment. It might be easier to finish their homework if they feel like they have a choice. Perhaps they need a snack before they can begin or maybe your child wants to play for a bit before getting to work. Work out an agreement, write it down, and place it somewhere where they can be reminded of their promise.

Have a Plan

Homework varies by day. Some days it will be light and on other occasions it will be a heavier load. It’s easier to tackle an assignment when there’s a plan. You should help your child make a plan of action before they start working. Maybe they can divide their tasks into chunks and take a 15 minute break every hour or so. They can choose to start with the hardest part first and leave the easiest for last.

Know the Teachers

To be able to help guide your child through their assignments, you need to know what their teachers are expecting. Be present at school events and parent-teacher meetings to learn about the teachers’ homework policies and how much you should be involved. Preferably, you should only help your child if they get stuck on something and not do their homework for them. If the assignment is too hard for your child, let the teacher know that you had to help a lot.

Find Extra Help

If your child is genuinely stuck on an assignment, you will want to help them out. Don’t try to reteach them the information. You might make the problem worse. Maybe your approach is too different from their teacher's, which is bound to confuse them even more. It’s time to accept that your child may benefit from outside homework help. You can talk to their teacher about the situation and ask them if they could please explain the material again. You can also look for a tutor’s help. The Tutoring Center, Houston TX (Memorial) has some of the best tutors in Houston, and they can provide the much-needed homework help your child requires. Contact them at (832) 486-9281 to learn about their tutoring options.

Don’t Do the Work for Them

You should never forget that the assignments are your child’s, not yours. Homework allows the teacher to know what students absorb in class. You should let them do their homework on their own. It’s okay to help your child out from time to time, especially with younger children, but for the most part, they should be left alone. Give them time to read the instructions and think them through before jumping in to help out. If you do help them, be sure not to give them the answers, just nudge them in the right direction.

Set up a Homework Area Far Away From Distractions

Make sure your child has a good place to complete their assignments. It should have good lighting, a solid table, and a comfortable chair. There should be supplies such as paper, pencils, scissors, and pens within reach. Most importantly, it should be far away from obvious distractions such as the television, toys, or loud noises.

Homework Help in Houston

Your child might be showing the tell-tale signs that they need tutoring. If they regularly struggle with their assignments, find it hard to focus, or their grades are dropping, they most likely need extra help. Call The Tutoring Center, Houston TX (Memorial) at (832) 486-9281 to learn about their tutoring programs.


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