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Books can open the door to new worlds. Reading is a skill that should be cultivated when young. Here are some tips to help you inspire your child to love books.

Reading Can Be the Key to Success

Children who read as a hobby do better academically, and they are generally more successful adults. In fact, people with a higher level of literacy have lower unemployment rates. Reading is an excellent pastime that can help students build an ample vocabulary, strengthen their vocabulary, gain new skills, and learn about many different subjects. If you’re looking to increase your child’s IQ and boost their academic potential, you need to work on instilling a love of reading while they're still young. How can you inspire a long lasting love affair with reading? Here are some ideas you can try out.

Start Them Early

Habits are better formed at an early age. You should read to your child from the earliest age possible. Try to make reading part of their daily routine and not just for bedtime. Get cozy and cuddly with your child and your book. They will grow up associating reading with calmness.

Visit the Library

You can take your child to story time at the library or just browse the many book options. Surround your child with books and let them see other children involved in reading as well. Talking to a librarian can be helpful too since they can recommend books according to your child’s preferences and hobbies. Just be careful with library books because you have to return them on time.

Don’t Push Them

Children learn at their own time, and some students take longer than others to learn to read. You’re aiming to inspire your child to love books, but if it feels like you’re pushing them to read, it might go the opposite way. If you push your child before they’re ready to read they can feel dumb and bad about themselves. This can lead to them deciding books are awful. They will be great readers eventually and at their own pace. However, if you do notice that your child has a tough time recognizing letters or sounding out words, it’s possible that they might have a reading issue. Talk to their teacher at school to see if a visit to a specialist is recommended. If your child can’t seem to get into reading, try signing them up for tutoring in Houston. Let someone else help your child learn to enjoy books. Call The Tutoring Center, Houston TX (Memorial) at (832) 486-9281 to learn about their tutoring options.

Show Your Love for Books

Children learn by example. You can't expect them to be avid readers if you're not one too. It's easier for your child to get into the reading habit if they see you doing it as well. Don't demand something from your child that you don't demand from yourself.  Sitting down to read together is a great way to spend some family time.

Build a Library

Your child will be more inspired to read if they have a variety of options readily available. Look for books on subjects they like, books with their name in the title, or check out this list of the Best All-Time Children's Books to get some inspiration. You can find most of these books at your preferred used bookstore if you don't feel like spending a lot of money at a regular bookstore.

Offer Incentives

There are so many other options that might seem more appealing to your child than a book, from the internet to toys and video games, to being with their friends. From time to time, an incentive is necessary to push your child into the world of reading. Try creating a rewards system. For instance, if your child reads for half an hour a day, they can get an extra 15 minutes of video games as a reward. Hopefully, over time, incentives won’t be necessary and your child will develop the habit of reading for pleasure.

Let It Be Fun

Fiction tends to be easier to read, which is why many children prefer it. If your child prefers reading fantasy books over history or non-fiction, let them be. Reading only fiction is better than no reading at all. Their reading skills will improve either way. Don’t take the fun out of reading by forcing your child to read something that doesn’t appeal to them.

Extra Reading Practice With Tutoring in Houston

Maybe the reason why your child doesn’t like to read is that they have a hard time doing it. Tutoring can help them become better readers and actually enjoy what they’re doing. You can learn about the various tutoring programs The Tutoring Center, Houston TX (Memorial) has to offer by contacting them at (832) 486-9281. You can also schedule a free diagnostic assessment.


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