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It’s that time of the year when everyone makes new plans and resolutions. Interested in improving your academic life? Here are a few goals you should set out to accomplish this year.

Set SMART Goals

A new year is starting, which makes it the perfect time for us to reflect on our lives and the changes we wish to see in it. As a student, perhaps you wish to do better in school. Maybe you would like to raise your grades, become a better athlete, or get more involved in school activities. If you need a little extra help in setting reachable and SMART goals for this new year, here is a list of suggestions that will make your academic life so much better.

9 Easy Resolutions That Will Help Your Academic Life

Stop procrastinating: Easier said than done, right? Everything seems more interesting than completing your school assignments. Besides, you’re more productive the night before your assignment is due. The reason why you’re more productive the night before is that you don’t have any more time left. This can also mean your results are probably not the best.  Save yourself the late nights and added stress by completing your assignments earlier. Try something new: Your years as a student are the best time to learn about yourself and try new things. If you’re interested in trying a new sport or learning a new skill, go for it. You will never know if you are good at something if you don’t try it. Perhaps you’ll find your calling. Sleep more: As if you needed another excuse to sleep more. Getting enough sleep helps you be more alert and energized during the day. You need both of these qualities in order to be successful in school. Sleep is also the time when your brain crystalizes and stores all the information you learned during the day. Get your work done early and catch up on some sleep. Ask more questions: Sometimes it may seem embarrassing to ask a question in class, so you choose to remain confused and not understand a topic or an assignment. Dare yourself to ask more questions. Forget what others might think and raise your hand if you’re feeling lost. If you don’t feel comfortable at all, stay after class and ask the teacher to answer your questions. If you still don’t understand what’s going on in that subject, sign up for tutoring. A tutor can help answer all your questions and even help you get ahead in class. You can call The Tutoring Center, Houston TX (Memorial) at (832) 486-9281 to learn about their tutoring options. Use a planner: Keeping your grades up, staying on top of all of your assignments, going to after-school activities, maintaining a social life, and spending time with your family can be exhausting. It’s tough to keep track of everything you need to be doing. Why not start using a planner to keep up with everything you need to do? It will help you prioritize and remember everything you have going on. You can buy a notebook or download an app on your smartphone. Stop doubting yourself: If you keep questioning yourself and your abilities, you’ll never achieve your goals. Just because something looks tough, it doesn’t mean you can't do it. Just like Ginny Weasley in Harry Potter said, “Anything is possible if you got enough nerve.” Ignore those thoughts that tell you you're not good enough or smart enough and just do it. Meet new people: It’s fantastic if you have a solid group of friends, but it never hurts to make some more. Be open to meeting new people outside your social circle. You can always learn something from them. Besides building new relationships, new friends mean a bigger network. You never know when one of your new friends might help you in the future. Strengthen one skill: Setting goals is easy, reaching them is the tough part. Instead of aiming to achieve many educational goals at once, choose a specific skill that you would like to strengthen this year. Perhaps you want to be a better writer or a better public speaker. Focus on becoming exactly what you want. Laugh more: This might not seem like an academic resolution at all, but laughter improves your physical and mental state. You need to be in the right mindset to complete your assignments and study. Also, laughing reduces your stress levels. Watch a funny video on YouTube, read a funny book, just do something that makes you smile more.

Tutoring Can Help You Reach Your Goals

Feel like your academic potential could use a boost? Try on the tutoring programs The Tutoring Center, Houston TX (Memorial) has to offer. Call them at (832) 486-9281. Tutoring can help you reach your academic goals this new year.


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