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The ability to manage time is a skill all students should posses. If they learn how to do it when young, their academic life will be easier. Here are some useful time management tips.

Time Management Skills for All Students

Learning to manage time effectively is a skill everyone should master. Even as adults, many of us still don’t know how to make the most of our time, which is why it’s important to teach students how to do it while young. Youngsters often struggle to organize their day to fit in schoolwork, their social life, and still have some time to rest. The Tutoring Center, Houston TX (Memorial) brings you some time management strategies to help your young learners.

Create a Schedule

Your child probably has several activities to complete during their week other than their schoolwork. It helps to be able to visualize all those activities so they can learn to prioritize their projects. First start by listing all the tasks they need to perform and then arrange them according to their importance. Consider the time when your child is most active and alert and schedule their study or homework sessions around those hours. Don’t forget that kids need to be kids and social and playtime are just as important as their school work. If your child needs some help with their homework, you should also schedule some tutoring sessions. The Tutoring Center, Houston TX (Memorial) has some excellent tutoring programs that can help your child boost their academic potential and manage their time effectively. Call (832) 486-9281 to learn more about their tutoring options.

Get Rid of Distractions

If you want your child to focus on their assignments, you need to help them out. Cell phones, television, toys, music, and other loud noises are distracting for young students. When it’s time to work, try to eliminate those distractors so they can have a successful work session.

Stop Multitasking

Multitasking is not as effective as you might think. Since you’re dividing your attention between various tasks, you’re not giving each task your best effort.  If multitasking is tough for adults, it’s even worse for children. Check your child’s agenda and start crossing off one task at a time. Allow them to give each activity their full attention. Concentrating on a single assignment will help them complete it more effectively and efficiently.

Shorter Study Sessions

The more time children have to stay still to study, the less effective they become. Instead of having long study sessions, divide them into short ones. For every 30 minutes they study or work on their school assignments, give them a short 10 to 15 minute break to relax and recharge. Overworking their young minds can cause them to get distracted, bored, and frustrated while short breaks can help them recharge and refocus.

Start Early

Your young one might not want to work on their assignments as soon as they get home after school, but it’s better to get it done as soon as possible. Encourage your child to complete their assignments early when they still have energy. When children work on their school material in the evening, they are sleepy and tired. Plus, if the study session takes too long, their scheduled bedtime gets delayed, and they wake up tired the next morning.

Add Some Exercise

There are many ways in which exercise helps children, such as helping them grow stronger, providing an outlet for excess energy, and making them smarter. Plus, exercise helps them refocus after a long study session. If you want to boost your child’s brain power between their study sessions, have them exercise for a bit. Maybe go out for a short run or do some light streteches.

Get Some Sleep

How do you expect your child to go about their day with enough energy to do everything they have to do if you don’t sleep properly? You need to set a proper bedtime in your child’s schedule as well. A bedtime routine will help your youngster unwind at the end of the day and get all those hours of sleep they need to recharge.

Be Flexible

You need to remember that your child has the right to relax and be a child. It is impossible to schedule their whole day. Some days are not going to go according to your plans and schedule, and that’s completely alright. You need to be flexible and adapt. Consider that your youngster won’t be in a good mood to work every day and if they need to rest and play they should be able to do so freely.

Get Homework Help at The Tutoring Center, Houston Memorial

If you want to make your child’s study sessions even more effective so that they can have more time to relax, sign them up for a tutoring program. A tutoring program at The Tutoring Center, Houston TX (Memorial) can help your youngster have a better academic life and gain valuable skills that will be with them through their whole life. Call The Tutoring Center, Houston TX (Memorial)   at (832) 486-9281 to learn all about how tutoring can help your young learner with their homework and other schoolwork.


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