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Reading more, while a noble goal, can be a tricky one to achieve. If you want to become an avid reader, follow the tips in this post by The Tutoring Center, Houston TX (Memorial).

How to Read More

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Create Reading Goals You Can Follow

If you're truly committed to becoming a bookworm, but have not yet built the habit of reading, you will need to start by creating reading goals that you can follow. Keep in mind that 'reading more' in itself is not a goal, as it's vague and seemingly unreachable. You need to ground your goals, make them realistic and challenging but doable. For example, a goal such as 'read 30 pages each day' can be a great way to get you started. Plus, it will give you a clear direction to work in.

Let Others Know of Your Intentions

You're often told that being pressured by other is not a good situation to be in. However, in this case, it may be that the pressure from family and friends will help you reach your reading goals more easily. When you let others know that you have a goal to read more, you're getting them involved. This will compel them to ask you how you're doing in your reading journey. The pressure of not having any advances may keep you accountable and may motivate you to crack open a book.

Have Something to Read

Have you ever been bored on your cellphone while you're in a waiting room or while you're on the bus? If you have, you should recognize these instances of downtime as the perfect situation to grab a book and start reading it. Nonetheless, as you can imagine, this can be difficult to achieve if you don't have any reading material with you. For that reason, you should always carry a book with you or have something to read in your phone. This way, you can work on your goals when you have nothing else to do.

Tackle Several Books at a Time

Your brain is incredibly powerful and capable, and you can do wonderful things if you use it correctly. For example, did you know that your brain is capable of keeping up with several books at once? You can use this ability to your advantage in your effort to becoming an avid reader. For instance, you can read around 4 books at once. This gives you the opportunity to switch between them, depending on the reading mood you're in, which is when you can truly progress with your goal.

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Open Your Reading Umbrella

Something to consider is that while you should increase your book count, you should also work on opening your reading umbrella. Broadening your horizons will allow you to explore and learn things that you probably never guessed were interesting to you. To that end, dabble into different genres, magazines, interviews, biographies, newspaper articles, fiction, non-fiction, and more.

Don't Be Afraid to Quit

Another tip to consider if you want to read more is that you can absolutely quit books that aren't interesting to you. At first, this may seem counter-intuitive. However, a boring book may make reading seem like a chore that you don't want to get through. This can, in turn, completely derail your efforts to become an avid reader. Opt for ditching the dull book and start a new book that you will actually enjoy so you'd want to read it.

Read on Different Platforms

While in the olden days, your only choice to read was to grab a physical book, in this day and age, there are a ton of different alternatives to choose from. For example, you can listen to a book in the form of an audiobook if you're busy doing something else. Or, you can read a book on the go from your tablet or smartphone. The thing is, you have no excuse not to read. Just pick a way to do it!

Share What You Reading

As a last tip, you may want to share what you're reading with friends and family. You could even put together a book club where you all share what you thought and felt with a reading material. Doing so will allow you to have a more enriching and enjoyable reading experience, which will likely encourage you to do it more often.

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