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An organized backpack can be conducive to better learning and better health. Ensure yours is kept in order with help of these tips by The Tutoring Center, Houston TX (Memorial)

How to Organize Your Backpack

Understood states that an organized backpack has to do with how you keep your belongings, as well as how you sort through your thoughts and the information you learn. Find out how you can keep yours organized through the post below.

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Choose an Appropriate Backpack

Of course, the first tip is to find a backpack that will help you remain organized and that will make you want to keep it organized. The right backpack can also improve your learning experience and even your health. Just make sure that it has the following characteristics:
  • It has a design you like so you want to keep up with its organization.
  • It's large enough to fit everything you need to take to school.
  • It has several pockets and sections to help you remain organized.
  • Upon wearing it, you feel that it's ergonomic, comfortable and that it distributes the weight evenly.
  • It has two padded shoulder straps (remember to always put both of them on).
  • If you deem it necessary, and if it's allowed in your school, choose one that has wheels.

Put Together an Organization System

If you truly want to keep your backpack organized, you will need to come up with an organization system that will detail where everything goes and how you need to arrange it. While you're working on your system, remember that you need to make it as functional as possible, so that you won't have trouble sorting through your supplies whenever you need to. One way to organize your belongings in your backpack is by size. Another alternative could be to put them away in the order in which you'll be needing them. Whatever the case, consider that Infinity Wellness Chiropractic suggests placing the heavier items near the back to avoid straining your body.

Have a Nightly Packing Routine

Having a nightly packing routine can help you in a few different ways. Probably the most important of all is that it will help you remain healthy. Carrying a heavy backpack can wreak havoc on your body, which is why it's a good idea to pack your backpack only with the things you'll need during the next school day. It will also help you have more effective study sessions, since you won't have to waste time searching for your school items when you should be focusing on your studies. Finally, if you take your time every night to take the stuff you won't need out and pack the stuff you will, you can bet your backpack will remain much more organized.

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Place Smaller Items in a Case

A common occurrence with students is that they lose their pencils, pens, sharpeners, erasers, and other school supplies. That, or their tools are swimming at the bottom of their backpacks. This can get in the way of their learning, as they won't have the necessary items to complete their school work. To ensure this doesn't happen to you, you will need to get a pencil case and place all of those smaller supplies in it. Not only that, but make sure that you always place those tools back in it to keep you from losing them.

Put Your Name on Your Backpack

A step you may be want to take if you're someone who constantly loses their belongings, is that of putting your name on your backpack. After all, it's in it that you keep everything you need to learn (your notebooks, your textbooks, your homework, and more). If you don't want to lose any of it, add your name and even your phone number somewhere in your bag. This way, if you were to misplace your backpack, it's more likely that you'll get it back.

Clean Out the Backpack Regularly

Last but not least, a dirty backpack is less likely to stay organized. Students often have wrinkled papers, empty food containers, and other trash in their backpacks. If you're guilty of having a dirty backpack, it's in your best interest to have cleaning sessions of it every now and then. Take everything out and throw the backpack in the washing machine to make it as clean as possible. Then, put everything back according to the order you set earlier.

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