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Taking a standardized test requires planning, preparation, and tons of studying. Here are some tips to have an easier time when getting ready to take the SAT or ACT.

How to Prepare Effectively for Your Standardized Test

We previously covered some of the reasons why you should take the SAT. This time we have some tips to help you prepare for your test. Standardized tests can be nerve-wracking for most students. Thinking about the amount of material you have to study and what taking the test means can have you running for the hills. The great thing is that you can re-take the test and prepare more. These tips will help you whether it’s your first or third time taking a standardized test.

Preparing for the Test

If you don’t feel confident enough to study on your own or if you want a better chance of getting a high score, you should look into finding a tutor. The Tutoring Center, Houston TX (Memorial) can help you prepare for the SAT or the ACT. If you’re not yet ready to take the exam but want to get ahead studying, they have a program for that too. Tutoring can help improve your academic life in general. You can contact The Tutoring Center at (832) 486-9281. Meanwhile, these are some things you should consider when you study for your standardized test.
  • Make time to study: The biggest mistake you can make is to start studying a day before or even a week before the test. You should study consistently for a few weeks before the date. Tutoring can help you organize and review better.
  • Mix it up: Don’t study the same thing over and over again. Study something different each day to make sure you cover all the material.
  • Find a test manual: Use a test-taking manual for the test you plan to take.
  • Take sample tests: The makers of the SAT offer free sample tests on their website. Knowing what to expect from the test’s format and questions will help you answer faster on the day of the exam. You will also feel less anxious and make better use of your time.
  • Online resources: You can find tips for answering the types of questions that will be on both that SAT and the ACT.
  • Sleep tight and don’t cram: Don’t have a cram session the night before the test. Cramming won’t help you perform better, if anything, it will harm your performance. You need enough time to calm down and relax. If you’ve been preparing correctly, you should already know what you need. Go to bed early so you can wake up on time feeling refreshed and confident.

The Day of the Test

  • Have a brainy breakfast: Forget about skipping breakfast on the day of the test. You need food to keep up your mental and physical stamina. A well-balanced meal can help you think and focus. Skip the sugary cereals and go for “brain foods” like eggs, beans, veggies, or fruit.
  • Go equipped: Don’t be that person asking for a pencil five minutes before the test. Pack what you will need the night before. Remember that you need to take your admission ticket, a valid form of identification, a calculator, several # 2 pencils, a sharpener, a watch, water, and a high-protein snack.
  • Arrive early: If you’re taking the test in a place you’ve never been to, think about the time it will take you to find it. Don’t risk arriving late because you got lost. Arrive early.
  • Read the instructions: Don’t skip ahead to “save time.” Not reading the instructions can lead to mistakes.
  • Start with the easy questions: Don’t waste your time focusing on troublesome questions at the beginning. Answer the ones you know for sure. Focus on your strengths, for they are what will give you a better score.
  • Relax: If you start panicking because you can’t answer a question, move on and come back to it later. Take slow, deep breaths to calm yourself down.
  • Take a guess: Try not to leave questions blank. Instead, take an educated guess and hope for the best. Start by eliminating the choices you’re sure are wrong and take it from there.
  • Careful with the answers grid: Answer grids can confuse you. Be sure to fill the bubble next to the right number, and stay in the bubble.
  • Don’t get into detailed calculations: Don’t waste time going into detailed calculations. They’re generally not necessary. Look for shortcuts instead.
  • Review your answers: You can change your answers, but only if you don’t think your first answer is the best. Sometimes it’s better to follow your instincts. Change your answers if there’s sound reasoning behind the change.
  • Focus on yourself: Work at your own pace and concentrate on your work. Try to pay no mind to other students who finish before you. It will only affect your performance.

Tutoring Can Help You Ace Your Tests

Signing up for one of the tutoring programs that The Tutoring Center, Houston TX (Memorial) has to offer will help you get a better score on your exams. Contact them at (832) 486-9281 to learn about their tutoring programs.


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